Brand Enhancements and
Multivariate Testing

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts

When Rachel joined IHG the Holiday Inn website had just been redesigned, and while the new layout was a big improvement, Rachel saw one critical adjustment that could bring the website together visually as well as increase the branding opportunity on the home page.

Leveraging a multivariate testing platform, Rachel developed a new home page layout which would be tested by directing 50% of traffic in the US and UK to the new design. Test results showed an increase in engagement and bookings when the new creative was displayed, ultimately resulting in the decision to change the design for both the Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express websites.

Rachel added to this success by also proposing to recode the image area to leverage a simple jQuery slider instead of Flash. This enhancement not only decreased the load time of the home page, but also saved the company $300,000 in Flash development costs during a one year period. Additionally the enhancement allowed the content to be viewed on iPad which does not support Flash, and also increased speed to market for the Web Merchandising team by 200% due to the reduced time required to update the creative as promotions change.